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Worked as a software engineer over the past years, I have got exposure to multiple technologies and all aspects of software development and been respected as an expert in various areas such as performance profiling, troubleshooting, Git, GitExtensions, Continuous Integration/TeamCity, TDD.

I’m a lazy and passionate developer who utilizes the machine time as much as possible. I write tools/scripts to automate the release process, simplify the daily development tasks, gather diagnostic information for troubleshooting

I do my best to ensure high quality/clean code that has no duplication, no magic numbers, well named, decoupled, unit tested.

I’m exceptionally good at tackling the most difficult technical issues such ascrashing,memoryleak, infinite loop, performance, and intermittent bugs. My toolbox includes but not limited to WinDBG, Fiddler/Postman, Wireshark, telnet, TCP Viewer, ProcessExplorer, ProcessMonitor, Handle, DotPeek and most importantly an analytical brain and breadth/depth of knowledge.

I’m also keen to share my knowledge with the rest of the team and mentor less experienced developers as much as possible.

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