Unverified Breakpoing VSCode Debugger for FireFox


When using the VSCode extension Debugger for Firefox, your breakpoint might be marked as Unverified Breakpoint thus no effect. This happened when I was debugging a webpacked React website, and I mangaged to solve this issue with the help from here.


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GitHubBuddy is your friend to help

  • Review pull request using your preferred native difftool for example BeyondCompare
  • Convert text in pull request or commit title to hyperlink, more specifically convert text like JIRA-178 in the pull request to a hyperlink targeting https://JIRAServer/Browser/JIRA-178
  • Make github full screen wide
  • Disable the merge button if the pull request is labelled as Do Not Merge (customisable)

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Visual Basic .NET and C# Outlining Extension


This extension is deprecated in favor of Visual Studio 2017 which has built-in support for almost all the features this extension provides.

This extension provides additional outlining with syntax highlighted hint for Visual Basic .NET and C#; therefore we can collapse the blocks/scopes such as IF, ELSE, USING, WITH, WHILE, FOREACH and you name it.

Unlike the C# Outline extension, which replaces the outlining provided by Visual Studio, this extension keeps it untouched, as a result the syntax highlighting remains unchanged.

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GitExtensions MOD


This is an Early Access Preview of the coming official GitExtensions release

Please don’t submit any issue to the official team as it’s a MOD version. You can report issues Here if you have any concern.

If you want to contribute a fix or feature, please make sure your branch is based on the official master branch, so it can be merged to both official and this MOD.

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Bash Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet


Editing Commands

  • Alt + f: (or press ESC and release it and then press f): Forward (right) one word
  • Alt + b: (or press ESC and release it and then press b): Back (left) one word
  • Ctrl + u: Cut/delete the Line before the cursor to the clipboard
  • Ctrl + k: Cut the Line after the cursor to the clipboard
  • Ctrl + w: Cut the Word before the cursor to the clipboard
  • Alt + d: Delete the Word after the cursor
  • Alt + Del: Delete the Word before the cursor.
  • Ctrl + y: Paste the last thing that was cut

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