You do not know how to create a git branch


You are probably using the “wrong” way to create a git branch in a team using pull request to merge commits, though it can achieve the goal, I’d say you don’t know how Git works.

The typical wrong approach is branching out from a local master branch

git checkout -b MyBranch master

or a better one

git pull origin master
git checkout -b MyBranch master

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Unverified Breakpoing VSCode Debugger for FireFox


When using the VSCode extension Debugger for Firefox, your breakpoint might be marked as Unverified Breakpoint thus no effect. This happened when I was debugging a webpacked React website, and I mangaged to solve this issue with the help from here.


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Understanding Git is a Distributed Version Control System


In a DVCS (such as Git, Mercurial, Bazaar or Darcs), you don’t just check out the latest snapshot of the files, instead, your local repository has the full mirror of the remote repository. This article helps you better understand how it works.

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GitHubBuddy is your friend to help

  • Review pull request using your preferred native difftool for example BeyondCompare
  • Convert text in pull request or commit title to hyperlink, more specifically convert text like JIRA-178 in the pull request to a hyperlink targeting https://JIRAServer/Browser/JIRA-178
  • Make github full screen wide
  • Disable the merge button if the pull request is labelled as Do Not Merge (customisable)

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Visual Basic .NET and C# Outlining Extension


This extension is deprecated in favor of Visual Studio 2017 which has built-in support for almost all the features this extension provides.

This extension provides additional outlining with syntax highlighted hint for Visual Basic .NET and C#; therefore we can collapse the blocks/scopes such as IF, ELSE, USING, WITH, WHILE, FOREACH and you name it.

Unlike the C# Outline extension, which replaces the outlining provided by Visual Studio, this extension keeps it untouched, as a result the syntax highlighting remains unchanged.

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