GitHubBuddy is your friend to help

  • Review pull request using your preferred native difftool for example BeyondCompare
  • Convert text in pull request or commit title to hyperlink, more specifically convert text like JIRA-178 in the pull request to a hyperlink targeting https://JIRAServer/Browser/JIRA-178
  • Make github full screen wide
  • Disable the merge button if the pull request is labelled as Do Not Merge (customisable)

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Visual Basic .NET and C# Outlining Extension


This extension provides additional outlining with syntax highlighted hint for Visual Basic .NET and C#; therefore we can collapse the blocks/scopes such as IF, ELSE, USING, WITH, WHILE, FOREACH and you name it.

Unlike the C# Outline extension, which replaces the outlining provided by Visual Studio, this extension keeps it untouched, as a result the syntax highlighting remains unchanged.

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GitExtensions MOD


This MOD is an enhanced version of GitExtensions with the most wanted features and bug fixes flavored, such as combined diff (for reviewing merge conflicts), left branches panel, multiple commits cherry-picking, branches/commits comparision, force with lease, showing real line number in the diff and so on.

Please don’t submit any issue to the official team as it’s a MOD version. You can report issues Here if you have any concern.

If you want to contribute a fix or feature, please make sure your branch is based on the official master branch, so it can be merged to both official and this MOD.

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Bash Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet


Editing Commands

  • Alt + f: (or press ESC and release it and then press f): Forward (right) one word
  • Alt + b: (or press ESC and release it and then press b): Back (left) one word
  • Ctrl + u: Cut/delete the Line before the cursor to the clipboard
  • Ctrl + k: Cut the Line after the cursor to the clipboard
  • Ctrl + w: Cut the Word before the cursor to the clipboard
  • Alt + d: Delete the Word after the cursor
  • Alt + Del: Delete the Word before the cursor.
  • Ctrl + y: Paste the last thing that was cut

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WaFuelFuel Image


Wafuelfuel is an android app helps find the nearest petrol station and the cheapest prices for Unleaded, Diesel and LPG petrol in Western Australia. It can:

  • Find the cheapest fuel station based on your current location.
  • Reduce the price if you have any woolworths or coles voucher
  • Launch your navigation apps to go to the petrol station.

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