Visual Basic .NET and C# Outlining Extension

This extension is deprecated in favor of Visual Studio 2017 which has built-in support for almost all the features this extension provides.

This extension provides additional outlining with syntax highlighted hint for Visual Basic .NET and C#; therefore we can collapse the blocks/scopes such as IF, ELSE, USING, WITH, WHILE, FOREACH and you name it.

Unlike the C# Outline extension, which replaces the outlining provided by Visual Studio, this extension keeps it untouched, as a result the syntax highlighting remains unchanged.


You can either search Visual Basic and C# Outliner and install it via the Visual Studio Extension Manager or download it manually from here

Due to the dependencies of the Roslyn dlls, it only supports Visual Studio 2015, and there is no plan to port it back to ealier version of Visual Studio.



As you can see from the below image, there are couple of additional outliners added to the editor, so we can collapse them.

C# collapsible scopes

Below is how it looks after collapsed

C# Collapsed

Additionally, it will show the collapsed content with syntax highlighted when mouse is hovering on:

C# Outlining Hint

Visual Basic .NET

In addition to C#, this extension also supports Visual Basic .NET:

Visual Basic collapsible scopes


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